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Jonathan Neeves: US Army - Los Angeles, CA

I had served for over 8 years in the Army and got out with not much of a connection to the veteran community. When I came back to Los Angeles after 6 years, I was homeless and started receiving support from Volunteers of America. It was through the transition program that I was first introduced to Merging Veteran's and Players and found a veteran community that I could not only be a part of but assist other veterans as well. I got housing assistance and after a year I was living with a new wife with a new job and starting to make my way back to self-sustainment. It was around the one year mark,  that I would be getting off of housing assistance, when an administration error put me at ends with my last month's rent for my apartment. No matter what I did, I could not get out from underneath the cost that would have put me back in the homeless shelter and in dire straits financially.

It was only through the GI Foundation and Randy Couture that I received financial assistance to better propel me out of the burden and allow me to continue to prosper. MVP and the GI Foundation have helped me immensely and I will do whatever I can to return the assistance towards other veterans.

Thank you,
Jonathan Neeves